Are you bored of your current, monotonous gym routine but struggling to think up new ways to push yourself? Are you currently in a training rut, turning up at the gym day in day out and simply going through the motions? If you can answer yes to these questions then help could be at hand, so make sure you continue to read on.

Here at FitnessBeans we have just the thing that could spice up your current workout and kick start your fitness desire – with a little workout we like to call ‘The Numbers Game’.

The beauty with this workout is that it’s fun whilst at the same time extremely challenging; you can pit yourself against yourself and/or others and you can apply the training template to each and every exercise you can think of, so the versatility of it is incredible. Like the sound of it so far? Let us consider what is expected of you during this workout.

The Numbers Game

The main difference between this workout and others is that you don’t have predetermined repetitions and sets as you would with your traditional weight lifting programme. Instead, there is a final repetition number which you must achieve in as little sets as possible.

For example, during your back workout you may opt to complete pull-ups as part of your exercises. Typically, this might consist of 3 sets x 8-10 repetitions before you move on to an alternative back exercise. Conversely, ‘The Numbers Game’ involves you setting an ultimate target repetition, such as 50, before trying to achieve this number in as little sets as possible.

You may achieve 15 on your first go before requiring a rest period. Following this rest period you may then achieve another 10 before requiring another rest before achieving a further 10 repetitions. This places you on 35 repetitions after 3 sets. It may take you a further 2 sets to complete your target, achieving a score of 8 repetitions followed by the final 7 required.

Example Exercise: Pull-ups


Traditional training example: (3 x 8-10) 8-10 reps, 8-10 reps, 8-10 reps
The numbers game example: (First to 50) 15 reps, 10 reps, 10 reps, 8 reps, 7 reps

Each time you must push yourself to the limits until you have nothing further to give on each set. By doing this not only can you categorically state that your muscles are being worked to exhaustion, but you will also achieve an incredible pump as a result of this training.

What To Consider


There are several factors to consider prior to commencing this alternative training method:
  1. Exercise: What exercise are you going to complete and what is your target muscle?
  2. Number: What is your ultimate target number for the exercise; 50, 75, 100?
  3. Rest periods: What rest period will you allow yourself after each attempt?
  4. Resistance: What loads are you opting to apply; free, machine, body weight?
If you consider the above four factors and maintain them consistently each time you chose this particular training method, then you will also be able to monitor your progress and try and beat your previous scores. However, you must remember that if you chose to add numerous muscle groups in a single session (for example chest, back and shoulders) then the exercise order should also be maintained if looking to accurately compare previous scores.

Final Word

The numbers game workout really is a competitive means of switching your training around and shocking your body into achieving new fitness highs. So if you’re current training schedule is lacking excitement and in need of a change, why not give this a go today.